Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Georgia Vidalia Onions

I was recently asked to develop some recipes for Sweet Georgia Vidalia Onions that would be printed on the back of their onion bags! I was so excited the Vidalia Onion Committee asked me to send some ideas and they would pick 6 or 8. So I did, I sent like 30 ideas. I mean, onions, sweet Vidalias, the possibilities are endless. They ended up loving my ideas and actually had me send them 10! I reworked some classics to highlight the “only grown in Georgia” onions and here is a sample. Although my name isn’t on the bag and the recipes were assigned to popular country music stars the recipes are great and there is a Jingle Contest you can enter to win a Nashville VIP Vacation Package or $1000.00. If you are not that musically inclined you can still download a free song and in my mind win with the Cheese Grits with Caramelized Vidalia Onions and Country Ham! Yum. Go pick up a bag!

Vidalia Onion Facts:
- Vidalias are defined to be only those that which have been produced in 13 counties and parts of 7 others, all in South Georgia. This region has the perfect combo of soil and weather to produce these unique onions.
- Vidalias were developed on accident in the 1930’s by farmers hoping for a new cash crop with better profits during the Great Depression.
-Vidalias are said to cause less crying due to their lower levels of sulfuric acid, which is a result of the lower levels of said volatile gas in the soil that they are produced.
-Each seed variety is required to pass 3 years of testing before it is approved as a true Vidalia seed.
-Vidalias are fat, cholesterol, and sodium free and a good source of vitamin C.

There is even a Museum dedicated to the history and process of this particular onion.  If you find yourself driving through Vidalia, Georgia stop in and check it out.
Vidalia Museum
ADDRESS: 100 Vidalia Sweet Onion Drive
Vidalia, Georgia 30475
HOURS: Open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
For more info on Vidalias check out:

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