Friday, April 15, 2011

Earth Day - April 22!

Although I believe that every day should be Earth Day it is a great reminder every year for all of us about how we can be better guests on this beautiful Earth.  Earth Day officially started April 22, 1970 and has been celebrated every year since.  In fact, it has really turned into Earth Week as many cities, organizations, and schools honor this “day” all week long with events, educational sessions, and festivals. 
Here are a few simple things that you can do to contribute (or a refresher if you already do these things!!!)
  1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or while you are washing dishes (I am bad at this one!)
  2. Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact florescent ones…they use a quarter of the energy.
  3. Carpool or take the bus.  I know this is hard but even if you can’t on April 22 think about a day in the future when you could.
  4. Start composting; it is easier than you think…more to come on this one!  If you think it is too much trouble look into where you can donate it locally. A lot of community gardens welcome it!
  5. If you don’t already, please recycle.  Most neighborhoods have curbside recycling pick ups for a minimal amount of money and how convenient--- just a walk down your driveway.  If your neighborhood or apartment complex doesn’t have one look into local schools or libraries, or co-op groceries to drop off what you have collected and saved from the ever growing landfills.
  6. Look into free cycling:
  7. Use your cloth grocery bags, travel mugs, and water bottles all day/ every day.  If you forget those bags, go back, it is only a few steps and everyone could benefit from a little more exercise!
  8. Invest in reusable lunch bags and snack bags for your kid’s lunches.  This keeps all those plastic bags out of the trash and they can be super cute and fashionable! is just one resource.  Most Whole Foods carry some sort of reusable lunch gear!
  9. Plant a fruit tree, a vegetable garden, or even a pot of fresh herbs.  It is so rewarding to reap what you sow!
  10. Pat yourself on the back and feel good about being aware of the world around you and being a part of the positive change!

Respect the earth, every day!

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