Saturday, April 30, 2011


After a stressful morning of dealing with a 2 year old, a husband packing to leave town, a not so pleasant doctor’s appointment and endless errands I was feeling a little sorry for myself (especially because it was my 5 year wedding anniversary that I was spending alone) I decided to stop at Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand on Moreland Ave. I had been meaning to check it out since it opened a few weeks ago but never found myself going by when I wasn’t racing home to pay a babysitter or just, frankly, hungry. Today was the day. Perfect timing I didn’t have anything to eat at home, was hungry, and it was after the lunch rush. I got the food to go as my babysitter had to leave by 3 and it was 2:40.  I came home, unloaded the groceries, paid the sitter and cracked a beer to go sit outside on a beautiful afternoon to eat my lunch while the baby slept.  The sun was blazing, a nice breeze kicking, my dog panting on the chair next to me and I began to enjoy what is known as the The “Slinger”, a “hand-crafted, locally sourced, small batch chicken sausage”.  The Champ “Slinger” to be exact. Topped with sauerkraut and fire pepper mustard… I was amazed. I knew that it couldn’t be all that bad, a sausage in a Holeman and Finch bun topped with kraut and some good mustard, but I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of chicken sausage. Sausage is typically made of pork. Juicy, fatty, pork. Most chicken sausages can’t even hold a candle to the pork versions but this one is different. I expected a dry link topped with stinky kraut and some mustard, probably super soggy by the time I got home (which I don’t mind too much…the sloppier the better, sandwiches too). I was wrong on all accounts. I bit in to the Champ, and I thought “Damn it Delia”.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a bun that held up on the trip home and the unloading of the groceries as well as the wet kraut.  The sausage itself was juicy and well seasoned, not dry at all. Sausage juicy, kraut delicious, fire pepper mustard not what I expected, high on the sweet low on the fire, all things considered pretty damn good. I opted for the combo-which includes a side of Wedgies (wedge style potatoes), very good as well.  Not sure if these are house made or not but I was told that the sausages are and are made from Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, a local company that is not certified organic but follows the practices.  Also, the to go boxes are compostable and as I drove around the building to leave I saw several recycling bins…all of the things that make me happy; convenient, delicious, local, and responsible. To top all of this off they also serve breakfast and stay open late. I can find all kinds of occasions that this would be appropriate when you need some hot, satisfying, easy food.  Nestled between a slew of fast food chains this hip little food stand has excited and upset me as I had gotten so good at just saying “NO” to bad for me food, it is convenient but guilt-full at the same time.  Now I have to say again “Damn it Delia” for being so good, or maybe “Thank You Delia” for doing something that I can enjoy somewhat guiltlessly and surrounded by chains that don’t do it right showing them that you can.


Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand: 489 Moreland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30316

Springer Mountain Farms:

Holeman and Finch Public House:

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