Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Go Grow Conference

It has taken me a few days to come down from the trip to Savannah to attend the annual Georgia Organics conference.  My head has just been spinning with information, ideas, and inspiration. My husband Matt said that “it sparked a fire” in me.  Although I am still processing everything there were things that I can comment on immediately.  Besides just the incredible energy that surrounds that kind of gathering of people with a common passion, the information and stories that were shared were none other than life changing.  The movie GROW that they premiered was the most moving (go see it!!!!).  I think I could have cried the entire time.  It shared the stories of the new face of farmers, our generation, of 20 farmers in Georgia and was just a beautifully shot piece.  It will make you want to become a farmer.  One of the farmers in particular struck me.  Her name is Arianne McGinnis of Hope Grows farm and she said that she sees her farming as her form of activism.  I think that we can (and should) all look at our lives and practices to see what could be our forms of activism and make it happen.
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